Wednesday, 7 May 2014


I love painting my nails and recently found a brand 'Nail Rock' that sell sticker transfers with funky designs and prints. I have never got my nails done at a shop as I find it a bit lazy getting someone else to do them and basically a waste of money when I can do them myself ;) So these transfers are good as I definately wouldn't be able to paint on these prints.
I had some spare stickers left from the pack and found a pink nail polish that matches the pink on the sticker. A bit more subtle than doing all your nails but I like the look of both.

I think that they're really good as they are quick and pretty to use, they last more than a week too (even with me doing the washing up and cleaning). The only down side I would say is that they bubble and some of them don't fit the nail perfectly (we do all have different shape and sized nails).

My nails for 2013 Carnival!!!!!!!!!!